ICAI CA Course Guide 2024: Eligibility, Duration, and Syllabus

Mar 28, 2024
ICAI CA Course Guide 2024: Eligibility, Duration, and Syllabus


The candidate for CA (Chartered Accountant) must meet the qualification criteria for each course level of CA course. CA Foundation, a course for CA, is for candidates who have completed 12th grade with minimum mark criteria based on their stream. CA Intermediate registration offers two pathways: CA Foundation or Direct Entry, where each has its own entrance requirements. The article says to register for the Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS). Moreover, to register for the final CA, there are certain requirements, like passing all the CA Intermediate course and undergoing a given period of articleship training. The CA course duration in 2024 will extend for 42 months, starting from the base level to the final stage, which includes written exams (3 stages) and statutory articleship training. Keep ahead of the modified syllabus and the exam subjects that will assist you in achieving your exam goals.


What is Chartered Accountancy?

The profession of Chartered Accountancy is the highest paid and is worldwide recognised. It requires a financial expert to provide special financial advice, audit drawings, and ensure compliance with the rules and guidelines of the financial sector. The Chartered Accountants (CA) having a significant impact on the industry are the corporate world, the government creations, the non-profit organisations, and the financial institutions, respectively.

Chartered accountants are very knowledgeable individuals who go through a series of difficulties to acquire different degrees. They know everything about accounting, financial planning, taxes, and long-term business strategies. Chartered accountants are conversant with applied accounting principles, financial reporting requirements, as well as legal and regulatory frameworks.

The uniqueness of chartered accounting can be indicated by the primary focus on ethics and integrity in business. CAs observe their framework of values and ethics in the financial area, thus making the transactions open, honest, and well documented.

As a dynamic and flexible profession, a Chartered Accountancy position can be a real challenge for those who can take on this exciting and, at the same time, exceptional task and can make a real difference in the financial industry.


How to Become a CA?

How to become Chartered Accountant (CA) involves a structured and challenging process.

  • Education: This includes college admissions and graduation degrees. This usually implies graduating with a bachelor’s degree in commerce from a recognised institution.
  • Register for CA Foundation: the CA Foundation Course, which comes after the end of the examination from any recognised board.
  • CA Foundation Exam: Aim for and complete the CA Foundation exam that will determine your expertise in Accounting, Business Laws, and Economics related topics.
  • Register for CA Intermediate: After finishing the CA Foundation course, enroll in the CA Intermediate section.
  • CA Intermediate Exam: Get qualifying for and passing the CA Intermediate exam (Auditing, Advanced Accounting, and Taxation) in much more subjects.
  • Articleship Training: Conduct a 3-year training program as an apprentice under a Chartered Accountant who is actively involved in practicing or doing work in a CA firm.
  • Register for CA Final: At the conclusion of the Intermediate level and the stipulated article ship duration, enroll in the CA Final course immediately.
  • CA Final Exam: Research and successfully take the CA Final, which is focused on higher level subjects such as Financial Accounting, Strategic Management of Finance, and Companies’ Laws.
  • ICAI Membership: That is, on passing the CA Final and fulfilling all the requirements, one achieves the membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and, hence, gains the certification of CA.

Registration for CA Courses in 2024

Prospective Chartered accountants can begin their registration process for ICAI CA exams and courses by submitting these simple steps:

1: Go to the official ICAI website by opening https://icaiexam.icai.org/.

2: Go to the main page and click the “LOGIN/REGISTER” button.

3: Go for “New User Register Here!” for new student registration.

4: The ICAI CA Registration Form will be displayed on the screen in front of you.

5: Specify the type of test, set a prefix, and enter a registration number, date of birth, valid email, mobile, and landline (optional) number.

6: Check and confirm your details and click on the “Register” tab to complete the ICAI exam registration process.

7: After you’ve got correctly registered for ICAI CA 2024, please continue to fill out your utility form for the selected course or examination.


Best CA Course Online Coaching Classes

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CA Course Eligibility in 2024

Before filling out the registration form for the CA course, candidates must ensure they fulfil the eligibility criteria for each level.

  • CA Foundation: The application process requires having passed the 12th-grade examinations from a valid board examination. Trade students will be required to achieve 50% as a minimum, while science students will need at least 55% as a general rule.
  • CA Intermediate: Registration for CA Intermediate exists in two ways: CA Foundation course and the Direct Entry course. Registration for the CA Intermediate happens either through CA Foundation course or the Direct Entry course. The eligibility criteria for both routes are as follows:
  • CA Foundation route: The candidates have to clear CA Foundation exam, scoring at least an aggregate 50% and with an individual at a minimum 40% in each of the subjects.
  • Direct entry route: Candidates must pass their graduation or post-graduation exams with 55% marks from commerce; if they come from other backgrounds, they can have 60% marks.
  • Articleship: For the registration of an articleship, students must have completed the Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) and fulfilled the following:
  • CA Final: The registration for Final CA needs to pass both groups of the Inter Exams and complete the period of articleship training of at least two years and six months.


CA Course Duration in 2024

Starting in 2024, the new scheme will have a total duration of 42 months duration in order to be CA. During the CA curriculum, students engage with CA modules, which include foundation, intermediate, and final exams, as well as statutory articleship training. Studying from a broad and structured curriculum supported by well-designed training programs, learners participate in hour-long, session-based learning, which transforms them into certified Chartered Accountants capable of applying essential accounting skills in their line of work.

ICAI New Scheme of Education and Training 2024
ICAI CA Course Level Months
CA Foundation Study Period 4 Months
CA Intermediate Study Period 8 Months
CA Articleship 24 Months
CA Final Study Period 6 Months
Total CA Course Duration 42 Months


CA Course Syllabus in 2024

ICAI has recently revised the syllabus and subjects for the CA Foundation and Intermediate levels, as well as CA Final Course for 2024. Students need to take a fresh look at the revision. In order to have a look at the updated pair of syllabus and subjects for these CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final Exams, kindly visit our Knowledge Portal on the official website of ICAI or visit the appropriate page. Regularly updated information regarding the nature of the CA exams improves students’ current level of knowledge as well as giving them the latest information for passing the exams.


CA Foundation Syllabus Papers for 2024

Sl. No Paper Name Marks
Paper 1 Accounting 100 Marks
Paper 2 Business Laws 100 Marks
Paper 3 Quantitative Aptitude 100 Marks


Paper 4 Business Economics 100 Marks


CA Intermediate Syllabus Papers for 2024

CA Intermediate New Syllabus 2024
S. No Paper Name Marks
Paper 1 Advanced Accounting 100 Marks
Paper 2 Corporate And Other Laws 100 Marks
Paper 3 Taxation 100 Marks
Paper 4 Cost and Management Accounting 100 Marks
Paper 5 Auditing and Ethics 100 Marks
Paper 6 Financial Management And

Strategic Management

100 Marks




CA Final Syllabus Papers for 2024

CA Final Syllabus May 2024
Sl. No Paper Name Marks
Paper 1 Financial Reporting 100 Marks
Paper 2 Advanced Financial Management 100 Marks
Paper 3 Advanced Auditing, Assurance And Professional Ethics 100 Marks
Paper 4 Direct Tax Laws & International


100 Marks
Paper 5 Indirect Tax Laws 100 Marks
Paper 6 Integrated Business Solutions 100 Marks


CA Articleship Training and Eligibility in 2024

Students who desire to undergo CA Articleship training are expected to possess specific qualifications according to the mode of entry to the Chartered Accountancy course. Here are the eligibility requirements for CA Foundation Route and direct entry students:Here are the eligibility requirements for CA Foundation Route and direct entry students:

1. For CA Foundation Route:
The last and final group of CA Intermediate exams, along with the previous group, will be completed and done. The practical learning experience acquired during the four-week classroom training for Information Technology and Soft Skills integration.

2. For Direct Entry Method:

The “Commercial Studies” specialty defines the minimum passing mark (55%) for CA programme candidates. Some students less skilled than us who majored in another faculty need to get a minimum score of 60%.

The CA Articleship Training holds significant importance as it provides practical exposure and enhances various skills essential for a successful career in accountancy:

  • Time Management: They come to the realisation that they ought to spend their time levelling out to meet their goals.
  • Practical Experience: The articleship gives people the opportunity to work” hands-on” with accounting and finance, allowing them to see how they would apply the theory they learn in universities.
  • Communication Skills: Through dealing with clients and with workmates, people’s communication abilities improve, which are necessary for interaction with clients in future projects.
  • Presentation Techniques: During campaigning, candidates utilize their drawing presentation skills to explain the ideas in a comprehensible way.

Conclusively, CA articleship serves as a key stage for a candidate to gain experience and skills. While joining the chartered accountant learning process.


Chartered Accountant Salary in India in 2024

In India, a Chartered Accountant (CA) salary in 2024 is dependent on many factors. With experience, location, and industry being at the core of such dependencies. The CA salary at this level generally ranges from ₹6 to ₹10 lakhs a year. Upon having 3-5 years of industrial experience, mid-level CAs can expect to receive ₹10 to ₹20 lakhs in yearly salary. A competent CA with a minimum qualification and 5+ years of experience is the best candidate for senior-level positions. Which offer anywhere around ₹20 lakh per year. And for the best he/she will be, could even make over ₹50 lakh in top-tier firms or multinational corporations.

Moreover, gifts, incentives, and other benefits constitute. Some of the rewards linked with this profession, which in India, is rewarding both personally and professionally. Despite that, the range could be wide depending on someone’s qualifications, abilities, and market demand.


Tips for Preparing for CA 2024

  • Utilise Online Coaching: Enrolling yourself in popular CA online coaching classes like CA Virtual Hub would be the right way to extend your self-study. Browse quality study material, benefit from expert guidance, and make use of personalised support services to improve your learning strategy.
  • Create a Structured Study Plan: Create a well-structured schedule covering a wide range of subjects. With the time for each subject advertising a situation with constant revisions and practice lessons.
  • Focus on Basic Understanding: Do not just focus on the algorithm, but rather spend time comprehending. The realm of themes and concepts behind each matter. This type of learning promotes deep understanding and improves recall of what has been taught, leading to ultimate results.
  • Practice Regularly: The secret of a fairly successful person is practice, and practice is key to success. Regularly do mock exams, past papers, and practice questions as much as possible to familiarize yourself. With the exam structure and to identify areas that still need improvement.
  • Stay Updated: Continuously keep yourself updated on the current happenings as well as trends in the accounting field by reading. The business sections of financial newspapers and other publications relevant to accounting. With this assurance, you can rely on your solid knowledge background, aiding you in sessions incorporating new topics or updates.
  • Prioritise Health and Well-Being: Remember to take precautions for any physical or mental health problems. While carrying out training for preparation. Keep your diet balanced, sleep well every day, and continue your workout for maximum efficiency.
  • Stay positive and motivated. Get yourself into the right headspace, stay focused on your targets by being relentless. And congratulate yourself on your success when you reach the milestone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the 3 levels of CA?

There are three levels to the CA course.

  • CA Foundation.
  • CA Intermediate.
  • CA Final.
2. Who is eligible to take the CA exam?

Students that have completed Class 12 from any of the three streams are eligible to take the CA Foundation 2024. While graduate students can directly take the CA Intermediate exam.

3. How to become CA in 2024?

To become a CA, candidates must pass three levels. The Foundation Course, Intermediate Course, Articleship, Final Course, and CA Final Examination.

4. What is the age limit for CA?

Chartered Accountancy exams, including CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final, have no age limit. As long as candidates fulfil educational and eligibility criteria.

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