CA Foundation June 2024 Exam: Conquering the First Step to Your CA Journey

Jun 07, 2024
CA Foundation June 2024 Exam: Conquering the First Step to Your CA Journey

The Chartered Accountancy (CA) Foundation exam is the gateway to a rewarding career in accounting and finance. If you’re aiming to crack the CA Foundation June 2024 Exam, this guide is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know! We’ll cover the best online coaching resources, delve into the exam format, provide key subject-specific details, and equip you with the knowledge and strategies to excel.

CA Virtual Hub is the best online coaching platform for the CA Foundation June 2024 Exam:

Choosing the right online coaching platform can significantly enhance your exam preparation. Here are some of the leading options in India:

CA Virtual Hub: 

  • CA Virtual Hub is known for its affordable pricing and high-quality lectures. CVH offers a comprehensive CA Foundation course with live classes, doubt-solving sessions, and study materials. 
  • We provide CA’s Foundation course, which provides interactive sessions with experienced faculty, personalized learning plans, and mock tests to help you gauge your exam readiness. 
  • We boast a vast pool of CA professionals offering online live classes and free video lectures. You can choose a subscription that suits your needs and learning style.

    We focus on in-depth conceptual understanding through our CA Foundation online classes. They offer recorded lectures, study materials, and test series for effective preparation. 
  • CA Virtual Hub is working on its experienced faculty and focuses on All-India Rank (AIR) achievers. Their online CA Foundation course emphasizes exam-oriented strategies and practice papers.

Remember: Consider factors like faculty experience, course structure, pricing, and student reviews before selecting your online coaching platform.

CA Foundation Exam Paper Pattern June 2024:

The CA Foundation June 2024 Exam comprises four papers, each carrying 100 marks. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting (Objective type)
  • Paper 2: Business Laws and Regulations (Objective type)
  • Paper 3: Business Economics & Business Communication (50 marks subjective, 50 marks objective)
  • Paper 4: Mathematics, Statistics & Logical Reasoning (Objective type)

Subject-Specific Resources and Tips:

Business Economics CA Foundation Notes:

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) provides official study material that includes detailed business economics notes. Additionally, many online platforms and coaching institutes offer downloadable notes and video lectures specifically tailored to the CA Foundation syllabus.

Objective Papers for the CA Foundation:

Papers 1, 2, and 4 are of the objective type, featuring multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and case-based MCQs. Focus on understanding core concepts, practicing mock tests, and mastering effective time management for these papers.

CA Foundation Law Marks Weightage (June exam 2024):

Business Laws and Regulations (Paper 2) carries 100 marks, with weightage distributed across various subtopics covered in the syllabus. Consult the latest ICAI study material for specific weightage details.

Weightage of Accounts (CA Foundation):

Principles and Practices of Accounting (Paper 1) holds significant weightage in the overall exam. Focus on mastering accounting principles, journal entries, final account preparation, and practicing problem-solving techniques.

CA Foundation Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus (2024):

Quantitative Aptitude is a part of Paper 4, covering topics like sets, relations and functions, basic algebra, commercial mathematics, and logical reasoning. Practice solving previous year’s question papers and mock tests to gain confidence.

Subjective vs. Objective Papers in the CA Foundation:

Paper 3 (Business Economics & Business Communication) is the only paper with both subjective and objective sections. Hone your writing skills for the subjective portion, focusing on clear and concise communication. Utilize mock tests and practice writing answers under timed conditions.

Toughest Subject in CA Foundation:

The difficulty level of a subject is subjective and depends on your strengths and weaknesses. However, some students find business economics or business law more challenging due to the vast theoretical knowledge required. Consistent practice and effective study strategies can help you overcome any perceived difficulty.

CA Foundation Study Material 2024 Price:

The official ICAI study material price varies depending on the format (physical book or online mock tests, make your notes). You can find the latest prices on the #ICAI website. Many online coaching platforms also offer study materials as part of their best course packages.

CA Foundation Business Economics Weightage:

The weightage for business economics in Paper 3 is not explicitly mentioned. However, it is generally understood to hold a significant portion of the paper’s marks. Focus on understanding economic principles, concepts, and their applications in the business world.


Cracking the CA Foundation June 2024 Exam is the first step towards a promising career in accounting. With the right preparation strategy and resources, you can confidently approach the June 2024 exam. Utilize this guide to explore top online coaching options, understand the exam format, and access subject-specific resources. Remember, consistency, practice, and effective time management are keys to success. Don’t be discouraged by talking about “difficult” subjects; focus on your strengths, address your weaknesses, and utilize the valuable resources available. With dedication and the right approach, you can conquer the CA Foundation exam and embark on your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant.


Is it essential to take a CA Foundation exam prep course online?

While not required, CA online coaching can be an excellent tool. You can have admittance to mock tests, professional coaching, and a structured classroom. But if you have access to tools like ICAI study materials, question papers from prior years, and online textbooks, you can also do excellently by yourself.

When the CA Foundation exam begins in June 2024, what is the passing percentage?

The CA Foundation exam will begin on June 20–26, 2024. At least 40% in each of the four topics and 50% in the total of all four are required to pass the CA Foundation exam on the first attempt.

Could you instruct me on which CA Foundation classes are of an objective type?

There are objective-type papers with multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and case-based MCQs :

-Principles and Practices of Accounting
-Business Laws and Regulations
-Mathematics, Statistics & Logical Reasoning

In CA Foundation, what is the relative importance of Business Economics?

Business Economics and Business Communication does not make clear what amount of an emphasis Business Economics has. However, the majority agree that it accounts for a significant portion of the paper’s score. Get a solid command on basic economic ideas and how they function in the corporate sector.

In the CA Foundation, which subject matter is the most difficult?

A subject’s apparent difficulty is subjective and based on how well you do in it. The substantial knowledge of theory needed for subjects like business economics or law makes them more difficult for some students. You can get over any perceived difficulty with regular practice and smart study methods.

On which website can I obtain the official CA Foundation course materials?

The official ICAI study materials are available online at the ICAI website or in hard copy, as well as online study stuff from the CA Virtual Hub and other online portals. The material here includes all four courses and gives a thorough outline of the syllabus.

How can I make the most of my time on the CA Foundation examination?

Know how to handle your time successfully by taking mock tests under timed conditions. Make sure you finish the parts you are familiar with first. Based on how significant they are and the degree of challenge, set up separate class periods for each subject. Take as little time as you need on each question; you may always return to afterward if you have time left.

For planning for the CA Foundation examination, how can I develop a more effective solution?

Studying last year’s topics and mock tests regularly to enhance your problem-solving skills. Determine similarities through examining different kinds of questions. Instead of simply remembering answers, make sure you understand the basic concepts behind each type of question.

When trying to keep yourself driven while I prepare for the CA Foundation exam, what are some helpful resources?

Communicate with other learners studying in the CA Foundation course by being a member of an online forum or community. Help one another out by sharing your triumphs and struggles. To keep yourself engaged during preparation, set goals that are both practical and within your reach. Motivate yourself when you reach key objectives.

In June of 2024, I will be sitting for the CA Foundation exam. What exactly would happen if I didn’t pass?

Continue to push onward! Following your efforts, you will be permitted to repeat the exam. To find out what exactly went wrong in your last effort, look back at the results log. For your future attempts, make more efficient use of additional sources and hone your study methods. Constantly keep in mind that the foundation exam was not obtained on the first attempt by many successful CAs to shine.

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